DCR 3.110 Removal of Files from Clerk's Office

All juvenile files and records, all mental illness and adoption files and records, all files and records pertaining to alcohol and/or drug abuse, all files not microfilmed and all other records required by law to be kept confidential shall not be disclosed to any person, except upon order of a judge of this court.

No criminal files shall be removed from the office of the Clerk of the District Court, except on written permission of the Court after verification that it has been microfilmed. All files checked out must be returned within seven (7) working days. (Also see Supreme Court Rule 106.) 

Photocopies of any papers in any non-confidential file may be obtained from the clerk at fifty (50) cents per page and at no cost if indigent or waived by the judge. Certification by the clerk of such papers may be obtained at a cost of ONE DOLLAR and TWENTY-FIVE CENTS ($1.25) for every certification. Payment shall be in cash or by check and shall not be charged to costs.

Revised: August 18, 2010