DCR 3.108 Law Library Rules

The following rules govern the use of the law library: 

(a) Books may be checked out only by the judges or their staff except upon express orders of a judge.

(b) Anyone removing a book from the law library shall fill out the log book with the title of book, name of individual checking out book, and date checked out. Upon returning the book, entry should be made in the log book showing date returned.

(c) Any books checked out by persons not employed by the court must be returned within thirty (30) minutes, if checked out during any working day, and by 8:30 a.m. of the next working day, if checked out overnight or on a weekend or holiday.

(d) The following books are not to be removed from the library: Kansas Digest, Supreme Court Digest, Shepard's Citations, Kansas Statutes Annotated, index volumes, District Court Rules of Practice.

(e) Attorneys or other persons are not permitted to conduct confidential conferences in the law library or to be present when any judge is conferring with a law clerk.

Repealed: November 15, 2014