DCR 3.106 Selection of Juries

The following procedures shall be used for the selection of juries: 

(a) Prospective jurors will be summoned by the jury coordinator in sufficient numbers to provide adequate jury panels for jury trials scheduled by the judges of the district court. Jury panels shall be randomly selected using an automated system which contains the county voter registration records and the Department of Motor Vehicle drivers license list. (K.S.A. 43-162) 

(b) At least twenty-one (21) days before the attendance date of a jury panel, the jury coordinator shall summon the selected persons by mailing a written notice to each person by first class mail postage paid.

(c) In cases where an insufficient number of jurors appear or if a panel is exhausted by challenge or otherwise before the jury is sworn, the Court may order the sheriff or the jury coordinator to summon a sufficient number of other persons to complete the jury.

(d) The term of actual jury service shall be for either one day, or until jury selection is completed, or for one complete trial which ever is longer.

(e) Persons summoned for jury service will be summoned to be available for a one week period, however, they shall be advised in the jury summons on how to contact the Court and receive recorded messages prepared by the jury coordinator for instructions on which day and time to report to the courthouse.

Revised: August 18, 2010