DCR 3.316 Disclosure of AIDS Test

Pursuant to K.S.A. 22-3913 upon conviction of any person for any crime which a judge determines was likely to have involved the transmission of body fluids from one person to another, the judge may order the convicted person to submit to an AIDS test. The test shall be arranged by Court Services.

Court Services shall disclose the AIDS test results in writing to the following persons: 

a. the judge ordering the test; 

b. the convicted person; 

c. the health care provider/counselor designated by the victim or if the victim is a minor, the victims parents or legal guardian; 

d. the Secretary of Health and Environment and the Secretary of Corrections if the test is positive.

If the test is negative, it shall be rescheduled and repeated six months thereafter and Court Services shall notify the above persons of the results of the subsequent test.

Suitable forms should be devised by Court Services for the implementation of this order.

Repealed: October 28, 1998