DCR 3.306 Processing Criminal Complaints Procedure

(a) The Duty Judge will perform the duties of the Magistrate as defined in K.S.A. 22-2301, 22-2302, and 22-2303. The Clerk of the Court and the District Attorney shall be notified of the assignment. All complaints shall be reviewed by the Duty Judge along with any requests for warrants, summons and proposed bond amount. Upon review of the complaint, the Duty Judge will note in the upper left hand corner of the complaint, the date and the Duty Judge's initials.

(b) The District Attorney's office shall place a marker on each page where a judge's signature is requested and endorse all requested conditions of bond on the complaint and also on the signature marker attached to the warrant. The District Attorney shall not write on the warrant.

(c) Unless otherwise determined by the Duty Judge, a summons shall issue in all misdemeanor cases where the alleged criminal act occurred more than twenty (20) days before the case has been filed.

Revised: August 17, 2016