Requesting to be Excused From Jury Service

To be excused from jury service for other than health reasons, you must appear in person and speak to the judge on the date you are summoned.

To be excused for health reasons, a written statement from your physician is required. The statement may be faxed or emailed to the Jury Coordinator (Email).

Kansas Statutes Regarding Exclusion From Jury Service

K.S.A. 43-158, Persons Excluded From Jury Service:

The following persons shall be excused from jury service:

(a) persons unable to understand the English language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to respond to a jury questionnaire form;

(b) persons who have been found by a judge to be incompetent;

(c) persons who within 10 years immediately preceding have been convicted of or pleaded guilty or no contest to an indictment or information charging a felony;

(d) persons who have served as jurors in the county within one year immediately preceding; and

(e) a mother breastfeeding her child.  Jury service shall be postponed until such mother is no longer breastfeeding the child.

K.S.A. 43-159, Exclusions From Jury Service by Court:

Pursuant to K.S.A. 43-159, in addition to the persons excused from jury service in K.S.A. 43-158, and amendments thereto, the following persons may be excused from jury service by the court:

(a) persons so physically or mentally infirm as to be unequal to the task of ordinary jury duty;

(b) persons whose presence elsewhere is required for the public welfare, health or safety;

(c) persons for whom jury service would cause extraordinary or compelling personal hardship; and

(d) persons whose personal relationship to the parties or whose information or interest in the case to be tried is such that there is a probability such persons would find it difficult to be impartial.