Security Protocol

Due to the sensitive nature of the business that takes place at the courthouse, weapons of any kind are not allowed.  When you enter the south public entrance you will be required to pass through a security checkpoint.  

  • Purses, bags, backpacks, packages, ect. will be run through an x-ray machine.
  • Phones, keys, and other loose items that contain metal need to be emptied from your pockets and placed in a container that will pass a through an x-ray machine.  
  • You will then pass through a metal detector. 
  • If the metal detector alarm goes off a security guard will ask you to stand to the side in order to locate the source of any metal on your person that could set off the detector.  This is done with a metal detecting wand. You may then proceed into the courthouse once security has given you clearance.  

Prohibited Items 

The following items are prohibited.  Please note that the courthouse does not provide lockers for prohibited items, nor will security hold items for you at their desk.  So, please plan ahead when you visit.

  • Firearms 
  • Ammunition 
  • Knives  
  • Fireworks
  • Anything deemed to be a weapon by security staff.  The determination of what constitutes a weapon is at their discretion.