DCR 3.406 Domestic Case Service Fees

Pursuant to K.S.A. 60-2001(a), the court has established alternative dispute resolution fees for domestic case services. Effective June 1, 2006, parties referred to conciliation with Court Services shall pay a conciliation service fee of $25.00 per person. Parties referred to Court Services for Parent Coordination services shall pay a Parent Coordination fee of $150.00 per person per year.
Fees assessed shall be paid to the Clerk of the District Court prior to the commencement of the process unless the court finds that a party is indigent and that the fees should be waived. The conciliation fee shall be charged every time the parties are referred back to Court Services for conciliation. The Parent Coordination fee is for one year of Parent Coordination services.

There is hereby created and established a local Domestic Case Services Fee Fund to receive payments of Domestic Case Services Fees assessed by the Court for conciliation services and Parent Coordination services. Expenditures from the fund shall be by order or voucher of the Chief Judge for grants to programs or purposes recommended by Court Services and approved by the judges.

Revised: October 16, 2013