DCR 3.208 Extensions of Time and Continuances of Hearings

(a) Motions for an Extension of Time to Perform an Act. All motions for an extension of time to perform an act required or allowed to be done within a specified time shall show (1) when there was a prior consultation with opposing counsel, which is required, and the views of opposing counsel; (2) the date when the act was first due; (3) if prior extensions have been granted, the number of extensions granted and the date of expiration of the last extension; (4) the cause for the requested extension. Extensions will not be granted unless the motion is made before the expiration of the specified time, except upon a showing of excusable neglect; and (5) if for extension of discovery, compliance with K.S.A. 60-216(b). Stipulations for extensions of time are subject to the approval of the court.

(b) Motions for Continuance. Motions to continue a pretrial conference, a hearing on a motion, or the trial of an action must be filed with the clerk reasonably in advance of the hearing date and shall reflect the views of opposing counsel. Continuances shall not be granted upon stipulation of counsel.