Clerk of the District Court

Temporary Relocation

District Court Clerk's Office has temporarily relocated to 1st floor - room 100. 


The Clerk of the District Court’s office is the public’s link to the functions and services provided by the Court. We are customer service oriented and are here assist you with your Court business in an efficient, professional, and friendly manner.

Duties of the Clerk

The Clerk of the District Court is the court’s official record keeper. Deputy Clerks are appointed to perform the same duties.

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining an Appearance Docket of each case filed in the district. All cases filed receive case type and consecutive number designation. All papers filed, process requests issued and returns made, all appearances, orders, verdicts, judgments, and payment must be indicated in the record chronologically on the date each occurs.

The Clerk must also maintain an index of all parties involved in each case.  The index is kept in alphabetical order and lists the case number assigned. In addition, the Clerk is responsible for the issuance of all writs and orders. When such service is requested, it must be done so under the seal or approval of the Court.

All papers filed in a case must be preserved for the record. They must be stamped with the date and time of filing.

Certain types of pleadings may also be electronically filed.

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