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Administrative Orders
2020-1 Appointment of Court Trustee
2020-07 Administrative Order Re: Death of Kurt James
2020-10 Disposition of Seized Property in Criminal Investigations

2020-2 Court Services Officers Responsibilities and Reporting During COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-3 Order Releasing Witness Subpoenaed and Jurors Summoned for any Proceedings Scheduled Prior to May 1, 2020
2020-4 Extending Temporary and Expiring Protection Orders
2020-5 Order Continuing Dockets
2020-06 Order Requiring Face Covering And Social Distancing For Court Business
2020-08 Change in Frequency Of Order Backs In Limited Actions Cases
2020-09 Documents To Be Sent With Summons and Alias Summons in Limited Actions Cases

2019-100 Death of Attorney
2019-101 Authority for Court Services Officers to Provide Information to the Court

2018-101 Mandatory E-Filing (for all licensed attorneys)
2018-103 Repeal of Administrative Order 2013-2 Re: Restricting Concealed Carry in Ancillary Courtroom
2018-104 Death of Attorney
2018-105 Establishing a Certified Therapy Dog Program

2017-100 Mandatory E-Filing Limited Action and Probate Cases
2017-101 Attorney Incapacity
2017-102 Mandatory E-Filing Civil Cases Including Domestic
2017-103 Intern and Law Clerk Policy
2017-104 Death of Attorney
2017-105-A Cleaning of Court Services Offices
2017-106 Overriding Detention Assessment Instrument
2017-107 Requirement for E-Filed Representation of Self-Represented Party Consent on Documents

2016-1 Appointment of Court Trustee
2016-2 Attorney Incapacity
2016-3 Appointment of Language Access Coordinator
2016-4 Death of Attorney
2016-100 Courthouse Security
2016-104 Attorney Incapacity
2016-103-A Attorney Incapacity

2014-1 Appointment of Court Trustee
2014-2 Overpayment of Costs and Fees

2013-1 Conditional Appointment of Public Defender or BIDS attorney
2013-2 Restricting Concealed Carry in an Ancillary Courtroom of the Third Judicial District (Repealed 4/16/2018 by 2018-103)

2010-5 Permitting Inmates Serving Sentence in Shawnee County DOC on a Third Judicial District Case to be Screened and Placed in Work Release

2003-1 Bench Warrant Bonds for Cases in Limited Actions, Small Claims and Child Support