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DCR 3.322 Warrantless Arrest
All persons brought into the Shawnee County Jail should be accorded a first appearance no later than the first business day following arrest.

Any person detained on a warrantless arrest and who makes bond thereon shall be directed to appear at the first criminal or traffic docket (whichever is appropriate based on the arrest report) available after ninety (90) days, pending the filing of formal charges unless sooner summoned or directed by the Court. If formal charges are not filed by the docket date, the arrested person will be discharged from all conditions of bond unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

During business hours, the Duty Judge, or in his or her absence or unavailability, any judge, and during non-business hours the on-call judge shall be available to review complaints with accompanying affidavits.

On each day the court is not in session, the on-call judge will review arrest reports/law enforcement affidavits and determine whether there is probable cause to detain the arrested person. If there is probable cause, the judge shall determine whether bond should be set.

Revised: February 25, 2005