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What type of cases are in Probate?
1. Estate: For persons which are deceased and their estate needs to be settled. This is where the wills are filed on deceased people. There may be personal or real estate property that needs to be sold or ownership changed on the title, but no will was written by the deceased.

2. Guardian and Conservatorship: Filed when a person is impaired and needs help. There maybe a voluntary conservatorship, where a person states they need help in handling their finances. Minors may also need a Guardian or Conservator, for different reasons.
3. Trust: A will was written and states that the finances are to be left in a trust account.
4. Adoption: For a new child, step children and foreign adoptions, adoptions are confidential. They are only open to the attorney of record, the adoptive parents, and the child once the child is 18 or older.
5. Care & Treatment, Mentally Ill, Drug and Alcohol Addiction: These cases are filed by the District Attorney's Office. They are confidential to everyone including the patient. The attorneys of record are the only persons that may look at the file.


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